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Join Us! 


Dear Prospective Member,


Hello and thank you for taking an interest in joining the First Continental Regiment of Foot. We are always looking for new members, both individuals and families. The Regiment prides itself on its authenticity and professionalism, so please keep that in mind when thinking of becoming a member. We have four basic rules with the membership, these being:


  • respect

  • safety

  • authenticity

  • and fun


If you follow the rules, you can become a member in no time. It is that easy.

Upon application, you will receive a recruit guide which will prepare you for your entrance into the Regiment. As an additional aid, you will be assigned a mentor, who is responsible for assisting you in your journey to become an active member of the First Continental Regiment of Foot. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and we all hope you will come out and join our Regimental family.


Your Most Humble Servant,

Thomas D. Bowen, Jr.

Recruitment Officer

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